Stumped is having a few server problems: Unable to connect to the database server at this time.
It will be back as soon as possible.

Update 11 Feb 15:50
Our server host is still having serious issues at their end which is preventing the database connection error you see above. It is now over 24 hours of outage beyond our control, and that means we need to handle timings. We also currently have no access to the database to know it's state, though backups from Tuesday evening (game time) are saved and should be restorable. We can declare now that too much time has passed to run as normal, the game will be roled back at least a week (shifting all future games, transfers etc. forward by 7 days). Once we regain access to the database the game is likely to restore and appear as normal, though no updates will occur (these are deactivated by us) - consider anything you change 'at risk' of not having occured. We will give further updates as and when we can, but it is out of our hands.
- Rob

Update 11 Feb 10:30
Host has now confirmed the issue is at their end - they have been working through the night by the looks of their status reports - Once they fix it it is likely the site comes back on it's own, but we'll e keeping an eye out on the host status for updates.
- Rob

Update 11 Feb 10:00
It seems our problem isn't unique to just our server on the host after their power failure - we are currently chasing the host to figure out how to get the database back running. Please do bare with us.
- Rob

Update 11 Feb 01:00
We are suffering complex database issues after a power failure with our server host. Having spent many hours attempting to fix the website, Rob and I both need some sleep. We will continue to fix things tomorrow. The worst case scenario is that we may have to roll the game back to Tuesday evening's backup.
- Andy