Australian National Team Season 19

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Australian National Team Season 19

Postby ltraynor » Wed Jan 09, 2019 7:26 am

Squad List for Season 19


Liam Thorndyke (Legend Killers)
Greg Berrisford (The Tonkers)
Jim Bowden (The Reds)
Einar Potok ( Jan CC)
Ifan Wyndham (Dragon Ashes XI)
Gordon Glenister (Nelson) *
Sampath Zuyderhoff (Elemental Beasts)

Pace Bowlers

Sylvestor Ridout (Fictionally Inclined)
Luke Traynor (Lauderdale)
Clint Granger (You Miss I hit) *

Spin Bowlers

Will Bristow (Lauderdale)
Max Forster (Ricky Town)


Murray Wordsworth (The Stiffs)
Thomas Melville (Nelson)
Tharandu Samlant (Dead Balls CC)
Percy Keen (Lauderdale)


Patrick Hartrup (Nelson)
Duncan Laker (Perry Pirates CC)*

Subs that are likely to play at some point this season:

Duncan Petrie (The Tonkers)
Bruce Dalton (You Miss I hit) *
Nathan Stone (Lauderdale)
Ferdinand Selvage (Zorax CC)

* Yet to Debut for Australia at ODI Level
Manager of Lauderdale CC
Australian National Team Manager
National Duties: Will Bristow (Australia) Luke Traynor (Australia) Javed Miandad (Pakistan) Mitul Patel (Bangladesh)
Dev Luther (England) - Retired Percy Keen (Australia) - Retired

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