Australian Team World Cup Player Analysis (Updating)

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Australian Team World Cup Player Analysis (Updating)

Postby ltraynor » Fri Jun 28, 2019 2:19 am

Australian World Cup Player analysis

Top Order

Liam Thorndyke - Picked due to having a pretty strong record for Australia and a reasonable warm up camapign. He has looked pretty ordinary in most games, and has probably not lived up to his reputation this world cup. He was instrumental in our victory over Pakistan though with an unbeaten 107. (5/10)

A Century against New Zealand and a half century against South Africa Thorndyke shoots up the ranks peaking just as we need him too (8/10)

Bob Ward - Recent addition to the Australian side with enough in his kit to warrant selection in our reduced 15 this season. Quiet achiever who goes about his business mostly unnoticed, He scores his runs slowly but has been instrumental in some steady innings especially on tougher batting surfaces. Although a bit expensive with the ball at times has taken enough wickets to make him valuable with the ball and made him an almost certain pick when fit (7/10)

Playing a little below what he has earlier in the season combined with dropping some key catches against South Africa sees Ward drop one point (6/10)

Ryan Austin - Late pick into our 15 with a defensive option required to balance the side out. His Century during the warmups against NZ saw him come in to fill that crucial no 3 spot this season but he really hasn't done anything of note. His 30 against Sri Lanka took the shine off the ball for the middle order but that is about the extent of his contributions this season (2/10)

Another Duck against a really poor ball against New Zealand sees Austins nightmare season continue dropping to (1/10)

Simon Needham - Another young player who has broken into the team recently, had a decent warmup and showed enough promise to warrant selection this season. Bit slow to get going this season but his unbeaten 116 against England will be a moment to remember for this player (6/10)

Following up his fine knock against England with an unbeaten half century against South Africa sees Needham climb another point (7/10)

Middle Order

Gordon Glenister - Batsman picked for his flexability in adapting to any condition/position in the batting order. He has been our floater, filling in where needed. Has made starts in all innings and was able to go on and make a good contribution against England with 74 (6/10)

No change as was not required to bat

Duncan Laker - Very consistant presense in the middle order making good contributions almost everytime he bats and has been handy behind the stumps as well. His unbeaten 126 against Sri Lanka being the best individiual score by an Aussie this world cup (9/10)

runs are still coming for Laker just not as higher scores as we saw earlier in the season so Laker drops a point but still continues his amazing season staying at a high rating, this combined with some catches against South Africa sees him as a viable Keeper in his own right as well (8/10)

Leuan Vincent - Another consistant presense in the middle order that has made contributions almost everytime he bats. He has yet to go onto make a big score however but is indeed a very valuable and much appreciated presense in the middle order (8/10)

Continues to contribute runs at about the same rate as he has been all season. No change

Jim Bowden - The Finisher, had a poor warmup but has repayed the faith in his selection by some very valuable runs at the death. His unbeaten 61 against West Indies in tough batting conditions definately saved the match and was as good as getting a century in other conditions. (8/10)

Bowden drops a point after scoring only 10 against New Zealand at a time his finishing skills would have really blown the game away (7/10)


Patrick Hartrup
- Specialist Keeper, been extremely solid behind the stumps this season and taken some very valuable and difficult catches at times. Hasn't had many opportunities with the bat but has mostly played a good supportive role when given the chance. His unbeaten 34 against Bangladesh in conditions that the top order seemed to struggle with went a long way towards victory in that game. (7/10)

More valuable runs and Keeping sees Hartrup maintain his spot no change

Thomas Melville - Pace allrounder - Made some contributions with the ball in the 2nd half of the tournament but was a bit below expectations in the early matches. His batting that has been good in seasons past has been poor at best this season (5/10)

Maintaining his average rating with 1 wicket from the last 2 games, has still been economical so hasn't dropped. No change.

Andrew Smee - Spin Allrounder - Has had a really good world cup, his 4 wickets against Sri Lanka being the highlight for him. He has provided finishing power to end innings sucessfully and is yet to get out really saved our bacon against Bangldesh as the last line of defense. He scored some big scores in the warmups and through no fault of his own he hasn't had the opportunities because of how far down the order he bats to make a big score (8/10)

His first fail with the bat sees him drop 1 point, but still maintains a good rating and a key player going into the finals (7/10)


Donald Lang - Pace Bowler - Has been a rotation player thus far this world cup but made the most of his opportunity against England with 3 wickets on strong batting conditions that has brought him some recognition and is likely to be an important member of the bowling attackgoing forward. (7/10)

Keeping the pressure up and continually contributing wickets sees Lang maintain his spot

Sylvestor Ridout - Pace Bowler - Has had an average season, not setting the world on fire and not being particularly awful either. Was overshadowed by Traynor early in the season with the amount of wickets he took but has managed to get 4 of his own in the limited opportunities he's given. He kind of dropped off being selected after not getting any wickets in his last game against Pakistan. Just been an unlucky casualty in a strong bowling attack this season (5/10)

Taking 5 top order wickets against South Africa sees Ridout shoot up the rankings (8/10)

Will Bristow
- Picked as a containment bowler so his merit is judged more on his economy, which has been a little expensive at times during his first spell but his 2nd and 3rd spells have been really very tight and turned a few games around for us. His most important contribution was breaking up a strong partnership against Bangladesh and turning the game around preventing them getting an unobtainable target. (7/10)

Hasn't featured no change

Luke Traynor - Our captain and Mr destructive himself, absolutely annilated all comers in the first half of the tournament single handedly winning about 3 games for Australia. Has been a little quiet in the 2nd half so far but his presense as captain and his reputation make him dangerous everytime he bowls. (9/10)

Back to his dangerous wicket taking ways in the last few matches and continues his fine form. Leading the team to victory once again sees Traynor climb to (10/10)
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Re: Australian Team World Cup Player Analysis (Updating)

Postby ltraynor » Sun Jul 07, 2019 6:30 am

Updated after New Zealand and South Africa game.
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