Season 15 International: Week III & IV


Season 15 International: Week III & IV

Postby Akash » Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:05 pm

I apologize first of all from the depth of my heart about last week not telling my views, probably because I was a bit frustrated with my management. I then tried to work upon my mistakes, that probably were majorly our mistake. And we came up with the win this week. First of all, well played the Aussies! Hopefully, the nxt time, we face the Aussies, we could change up our record against the great Aussies... ALL THE BEST TEAM AUSTRALIA!!! :thumbup:
Now, coming to this week match. I felt, it was against a very great team who haven't really delivered against us, till date as far the past clashes of the two respective teams are concerned. We wish u a very all the best for the future matches n the season ahead. ALL THE BEST TEAM INDIA!!! :thumbup:
Lastly, talking about our player's performance, once again, the best players were really good. But heads off to bowler, G. Foche and batsmen, A. Cohen and D. Koekemoer who held us in the competition but specially, the cap of the team, Raubenheimer and Gesler with the bat were the main character who led us to the win. All the best to us for tyhe rest of the matches... Lastly, LONG LIVE SA!!! Cheerz... :clap:

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