6 Players listed aged 25 and under

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6 Players listed aged 25 and under

Postby lightning » Thu Jun 13, 2019 8:51 pm

Ajmal Abbas: http://www.stumpedgame.com/player.php?Player=195550

This week's youth pull, opener trait with potential 17 SS and 18 DEF, also 14 Keeper.

Ollie Byers: http://www.stumpedgame.com/player.php?Player=186830

17yo bat with potentials of 12-13-18, current ATT of 12. Also has 11 captaincy. Crowd pleaser and precocious traits.

Howell Brown: http://www.stumpedgame.com/player.php?Player=190440

19yo bowler, current skill 34 with potential of 48.

Gavin Small: http://www.stumpedgame.com/player.php?Player=175445

21yo batsman with current 37 and potential 43. Late bloomer should still give him potential to improve.

Gareth Shonk: http://www.stumpedgame.com/player.php?Player=170392

24yo MF bowler with 43 current skill. Poker Face trait should help in the latter overs.

Matt Clohessy: http://www.stumpedgame.com/player.php?Player=150901

25yo Late Bloomer batsman with 40 current skill. Also has Crowd Pleaser trait.

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