Economical bowler + captain for sale

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Economical bowler + captain for sale

Postby liquefry » Mon Jun 17, 2019 10:36 pm

With a heavy heart I'm putting one of my all time greats up for sale. He's scored 3000 runs and taken 360 wickets for me, and at just 26 he's still bowling at peak - he got 24 wickets @ 16 runs in T20 1.1 last season (sixth in the division), including two 5 wicket games. He also has 17 skill captaincy and 20 experience, and good fielding.

His bowling skills may look low but with Economical and Poker faced you can rely on him to take a lot of wickets without conceding runs. His batting can also be handy for some late order slogging. Basically has decent skills all-round, at a low wage.

Matthew Roscoe
Club Fictionally Inclined
Age 26 (and 4 weeks) : view history
Wage / Rating $7,090 / 6,140
Characteristics Economical and Poker-faced
Hobby Microscopy
Role All-Rounder
Bats Right handed aggressive
Bowler Right arm finger spin
Condition 100%
Touch 11
2nd fielding - 8 dismissals
SOD 2.1 (AUS S16)
Fictionally Inclined 2nd bowling - 28 wickets
T20 2.1 (AUS S16)
Fictionally Inclined 3rd fielding - 7 dismissals
DEV 2.2 (AUS S14)
Fictionally Inclined
Stamina 9/10
Shot S. 10/12
Defense 8/10
Attack 12/14
Accuracy 13/15
Movement 8/9
Variation 13/15
Fielding 13/15
Keeping 0/3
Captaincy 17
Experience 20

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