G.Ratnayake 39 SKilled Bat

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G.Ratnayake 39 SKilled Bat

Postby bumpuss » Sat May 11, 2019 2:09 am

Gayan Ratnayake
Club Fartland
Age 26 (and 2 weeks) : view history
Wage / Rating $13,438 / 4,805
Characteristics Influential and Erratic
Hobby Climbing
Role Batsman
Bats Left handed defensive
Bowler Right arm medium-fast
Condition 75%
Touch 12
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Stamina 11/13
Shot S. 14/15
Defense 16/18
Attack 9/10
Accuracy 0/18
Movement 0/12
Variation 0/6
Fielding 17/19
Keeping 2/14
Captaincy 9
Experience 18

Good all round bat. How much is he worth?

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Re: G.Ratnayake 39 SKilled Bat

Postby Odin » Sat May 11, 2019 2:37 am

I'd guess < 100k.
Obviously it depends on the market.

His fielding is good, but his talents are meh, and attacking is usually viewed as more useful than defending.

I have found that most stronger teams are looking for the same thing as me, and since this guy wouldn't make my squad, I predict the value will be low.

Age 26 doesn't help, in that he won't get better. Best hope is for a team in a tough div II that needs a #2 or #3 bat.

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