Finance Bug

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Finance Bug

Postby bumpuss » Wed Aug 07, 2019 1:58 pm

Can you explain how you get to my current balance? Because I cant reconcile it:

This is getting annoying:

Week 1:
The week where games didnt run except for the Cup and where we still paid wages.
Opening Balance Wk 1 2,491,764.00
Less: Wages & Maintenance & purchases -301,549.00
Add: Gates, Sponsor & Sales 207,667.00
Net Loss: -93,882.00
Close balance Wk1 2,397,882.00
Reversal Wages/Maintenance 297,549.00
Correct closing Balance 2,695,431.00

Week 2:
The week where we werent supposed to pay wages and receive gate takings only.
Opening balance Wk 2 2,695,431.00
Less: Wages & Maintenance & purchases -296,548.00
Add: Gates, Sponsor & Sales 146,667.00
Net Loss -149,881.00
Close balance Wk2 2,545,550.00
Adjustments (not shown on finance page...)
Less: Purchases -60,000.00
Add: Sales 2,000,000.00
Add: Gate takins ?
Correct closing balance 4,485,550.00

My minimum current balance should be at least 4,485,550.00 . This does not include last week gate takings which from memory would be around 300k? I got not clue.. I can work it out going through attendances..

So there is a difference of about 400k...

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Re: Finance Bug

Postby DEV-R0b1et » Wed Aug 07, 2019 2:04 pm

It is working. It is fine. I will not be spending more time to fix nothing, its fine. Leave it. NOW.

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