T20 specialist - destroyer for lower division?

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T20 specialist - destroyer for lower division?

Postby liquefry » Wed Mar 13, 2019 10:00 pm

Selling Andrew Burns who I developed as an experiment to see whether one could min-max this game. I wanted to see whether a player would thrive with all out attack. Turns out the mins are too much of a weakness for the top divisions but this guy should be pretty destructive in lower divisions. He's still young with decent experience and training.


Age 21 (and 3 weeks)
Wage / Rating $10,036 / 4,347
Characteristics Unorthodox action and Iceman
Role Batsman
Bats Right handed gung-ho
Bowler Right arm medium-fast
Condition 100%
Touch 10
Stamina 15/20
Shot S. 10/12
Defense 11/13
Attack 17/20
Accuracy 6/13
Movement 4/4
Variation 6/8
Fielding 9/11
Keeping 2/11
Captaincy 0
Experience 7

He is so focussed on hitting balls to the boundary he doesn't even have a hobby!

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