Zimbabwe World Cup sqaud S20

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Zimbabwe World Cup sqaud S20

Postby Nite » Sun May 26, 2019 12:44 am

lunarlord and I after much discussion have selected this squad of 15 from our pool of players.

Tashinga Msenti (JimsXi)
Andrew batt (Legend Killers)
Kavin Lindley (The Reds)
Tsvakai Mzukwuse (JimsXi)
Vimbai Martinus (KryptoKnights)
Tanaka Yeye (VC) (Fartland)

Wicket Keeper:
Tinashe Khuzwayo (Lengend Killers)

Zack Bell (The Reds)
Tinashe Nozulu (C) (Nelson)
Takaedza Zamisa (HalfDecent)

Pace bowlers:
Tinotenda Maarten (Vrystaat Knegte)
Tarirai Jacques (Sibelius)
Tarusikirwa Donda (The Reds)

Spin bowlers:
Tinotenda Nkomo (JimsXi)
Takura Shazi (Nelson)
thanks to anyone who helped in any way

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