16yo Left-handed WK(7/17) or AR (38bt/39bwl)

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16yo Left-handed WK(7/17) or AR (38bt/39bwl)

Postby jammycarrot » Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:16 pm


Lee Morgan

16 year old, 0 weeks.

Potential WK (7/17), also potential All-rounder if you wanted (38 batting, 39 bowling LMF)
Cracking stamina (11/17 already) and has dry hands/influential.

The numbers may not be the biggest, but he's a pretty handy chappy.
And he's on the TM now, no reserve.
Manager of All In The Wrists http://www.stumpedgame.com/club.php?Team=178
Trophy Cabinet: Empty except a shiny gold star from his teacher
Current Ability: Can fit 2 whole jaffa cakes in his mouth at once

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