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Service Update:

23 Apr 00:00
We are very happy to say that Stumped! is back open for business.
You will probably spot some differences with the game, and some things will certainly not work as expected - please report anything bugs or issues on the forum and we will investigate and fix asap.
If you are unable to login, because your username is not recognised, and you first registered after 12 Feb, please sign up for a new team.

The forum has had to be reset, and your password will have changed. Everyone will have received an email (possibly in spam folders), containing your new forum password. Or you can request a new password by following the 'I forgot' link on the forum.

22 Apr 14:00
It is taking a little longer to recover everything and set up the server than we had hoped. There are also a few problems along the way (the forum backup was incomplete, so won't be restored and the homepage/newsfeed is not recoverable).
The plan is to open up logins during Saturday, and the first league matches for season 10 are still planned for Monday.

20 Apr 00:00
  Dear Stumped! users,
As you will be aware, Stumped! has been down for the last few days because our web server host decided to delete our website and many many others [News story here]. Fortunately, we had backups of the site and the database, that were kept seperately from the affected servers. Unfortunately, our backups are roughly two months old. Rob and Andy have identified a new host server (better and faster than the old one) and have been working hard to restore the website from these backups over the past few days, and as you can see, we are starting to get there.

What now?
Rob and Andy are continuing to check that the site works as expected on the new server. Currently we have disabled logins for anyone else while we check everything is working as expected.
Our plan is to open the game up for logging in as soon as we are ready (might still be a few days), and for Season 10 to restart on Monday 25 April.
We hope to get the forum back up in the next day or two, also from an old backup.

Unfortunately we have no choice but to restore from backups that are two months old, so here's the plan.
  • Season 9 will not continue beyond week 7 (the point of the backup). Promotion and relegation will be based on the first half of the season. This will obviously lead to some differences in who promotes/relegates than actually happened 2 weeks ago. This means we can start with Season 10 straight away. A nice clean start on a new server.
  • The national managers elected in the elections will be reinstated, there is no need to run the elections again.
  • Any user who registered since mid February, will need to re-register because we don't have details of your team. Please don't do this yet.
More details will be posted here and on twitter as the recovery continues. Thank you for your continued patience, and all the supportive messages and offers of help we have received over the past few days.
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Need more reasons to play?
  • Manage your club to play in One Day, T20 and youth leagues and an international cup competition
  • Watch the matches LIVE as they happen, with detailed ball-by-ball commentary
  • Set your team tactics and instruct individual player
  • Can you coach your players to their potential?
  • Can your scouts find the young superstars?
  • Can you successfully trade players on the transfer market?
Watch your matches live
  • Up to four competitive matches each week, plus friendlies.
  • Each match simulated ball-by-ball using a highly advanced match engine.
  • Follow the matches live (or with replay) with detailed commentary.
  • Will your batsmen manage the pressure and hit the winning runs?
  • Can your strike bowler dismiss the key opposition batsman cheaply?
  • Will your fielder hold on to that crucial catch in the final over?
How it works
  • Take control of your club. Manage and coach the players. Set groundstaff to work on the pitches.
  • Manage the finances of your club. Buy covers.
  • Buy and sell players on the transfer market. Scout for new, young talent.
  • Choose your team and tactics for each match. Specialist bowlers or all-rounders?
  • Compete with other managers as you push for promotion to the top leagues, or concentrate on the cup.
  • Analyse the stats for your players - are they the best in the league? the country? the world?
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