Second and third priority nations

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Second and third priority nations

Postby Krypto » Wed May 26, 2021 6:32 am

Good day

I know this is a stretch and not really a priority or something many managers will be bothered about however for me its something that will improve my experience and potentially some international balance .

The preferred nations on scouting is currently only set on your main nation , would love the ability to set secondary or even 3 priority spots with your main nation being set as your preferred and then there is a percentage linked to the alternative nations .

For me i am playing with a club i am only going to have two nations SA and Zim and my third spot will probably go to Ban or WI because of their population.I believe this will also help on a balance level for main nations managers that im sure will have some secondary nation they wont mind scouting and that small influx will assist with player balance as currently i believe the secondary nations you get on scout report is random .... Currently i have been looking if i get Zim scout as a option when my main nation is SA however i haven't received one and that got me thinking of the above .

Highly doubt this will be possible or will happen due to a minimal need however cant blame me for suggesting
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Re: Second and third priority nations

Postby liquefry » Wed May 26, 2021 7:37 am

I support this, would be nice! I really like your idea of going full African for your teams, this would make that goal a bit more achievable.

As an alternative, to help focus team selections particularly for smaller nations, maybe we could link the likelihood of a youth scout from a non-preferred nation to your preferred nation's population size. eg if you prefer a small nation, you mostly get scouts from that nation. If you prefer a big one, you get a good mix of players from that nation and others.
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