Training players with rubbish starting skill

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Training players with rubbish starting skill

Postby Jamie1984 » Mon Sep 14, 2020 6:14 pm

So I have a decent young talent in my squad now courteousy of jammycarrot's scouts- Clyde Swift, as well as an underdeveloped 44 pot bowler whom I got for 1k, Jiral Venkateswaran

While Swift isn't good enough to make the cut for internationals eventually, he'll still end up becoming a solid batsman with his 45 potential and extremely good stamina as well as decent fielding. Only problem is that his starting skill is really bad, meaning that he won't make many scores for a while. He's good enough to get into the team bowling, but I'm not sure exactly how to train him as all of his skills are low. He's pretty balanced but skewed towards attack, and given that he'll be coming in later for now it may be worth training his attack, but I also need his SS to be good too.

Venkateswaran is in dire need of saving with only 4/44 bowling skill and already aged 17, but his bowling is stupidly bad and his low batting means that he won't be able to get in as a batsman. I'm guessing the key is game time and training, but I don't want him to cost me games.

Any advice on training them (or any other players with rubbish starting skill for that matter?)

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Re: Training players with rubbish starting skill

Postby mike778 » Mon Sep 14, 2020 7:14 pm

You need to decide on your priorities.

If it was me then I would sacrifice short term results. These are both decent potential players for a new team - I would play them every game and not worry too much about results in short term. If their condition drops below say 75% they may need to be rested but otherwise.

There are varied opinions on this but I am very much of the 'new teams should go minimal squad sizes and make sure players with decent potential play every game where fit' bus.

Swift cost a decent sum for a new team - he is a superstar which most people don't like but he is still very high potential for a new team (neither would be in contention for a NT spot I would assume) so you want to get him skilled up asap.
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Re: Training players with rubbish starting skill

Postby Jamie1984 » Wed Nov 18, 2020 8:55 pm

So it's slow going with these two but they are slowly starting to become competent. Training Swift won't be that much of an issue given that he gets a chance to bat every game courteousy of my collapses and is on regular coaching.

I still have no clue how to progress with Venkateswaran. He's made progress from 4 to 10
bowling skill (with coaching this week still to come) but I'm not sure what to train. He has 3/20 accuracy, but the problem is that his bowling speed is already stupidly slow at max speed 60mph (fairly sure that I can bowl faster than that irl and I'm a pretty average club level trundler) so training accuracy will just basically make him a spinner who can't turn the ball. I'm training variation and just hoping that his accuracy catches up naturally while playing him in every game and giving him as close to a full quota as I can.

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Re: Training players with rubbish starting skill

Postby ViggoMoffin » Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:40 am

Venkat seems to be pulling in good results for the 3rd division
i would train accuracy and variation alternatively after each pop.
remember to train Accuracy after increasing his pace through training as it tends to lose a notch during pace training

anyway thats my 2 cents worth. but iwould imagine him to be a vital end of innings bowler later for your club

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