Inconsistent Match Engine

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Inconsistent Match Engine

Postby wolfman » Fri Nov 13, 2020 9:49 am

The match engine inconsistency is too much to handle nowadays. In Div 1.1 IND, Wolf Men lost lots of games, which we should have easily won. I've listed few of the important points I observed. I'm very pained because of this loss today:

1. If there is a big partnership while chasing, there is definitely a big collapse happening in the middle order and lower order. This is not just one game, I've noted this for atleast five games. Those who got out in the middle order, Livjot Bahia, the Captain, Roy Murphy (Keeper), Malcolm Hassell (Finisher) are fairly good players. They are out for scores of 0,0 and 3 respectively. Murphy is our club's top run-scorer at the moment, he played for West Indies NAT as well. Bahia is the second top. Hassell is a finisher character. How did this collapse happen? I agree with the calibre of bowlers, but they were getting smashed all around the park by both openers and even by 1 down batsman. Even a top score of 153 and an opener's score of 84 couldn't salvage a chase of 332. Even Burdon, Leadbetter and Lake down the order are good batters. Burdon has at least 4 or 5 centuries to his name, for God's sake.
2. Man-to-Man, a guy who will smash some middling dibbly-dobblers, gets out to the same guy. Or in case of big-match players like Murphy, some farcical run out. The position wise matching is totally not there. Ratings higher or lower, do not matter. At the present moment, the batter vs bowler, with an involvement of fielders & captain should only matter. That is my opinion.
3. While bowling, no matter how you bowl well, until let's say 32-33 overs. Then everything goes topsy-turvy. You try pitch based bowlers, proper fielding, all the possible permutation-combinations, somewhere something is missing and all goes awry.

This is the toughest online Cricket AI game available and that's why I'm attracted to it. In a short period of time, I've built a pretty tough and gritty squad, which was at 42nd rank, just before few weeks. Now we are languishing at >115. OK, losses happen and rankings doesn't matter, fine, that's not what bothers me. What bothers me, is such kind of games, where I expect to win and it doesn't happen.

On a sad note, it becomes evident that if you are 249/2 in 37 overs chasing 332, you can assuredly expect a loss, knowing that the match engine will ditch you big time. I do not expect to lose to teams, whoever it might be, in such situations. While on the field, match awareness and current scenario should matter more than potential. Form and touch should matter more than potential.

DEVs, I might be a bit angry and emotional while writing this post. But, if there is any valid technical point mentioned above, which you could use for course correction, please take it forward.

Thank you.

Joe the Wolf Man.

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Re: Inconsistent Match Engine

Postby bumpuss » Fri Nov 13, 2020 11:10 am

Looks like your players choked.

Surepuro also has a very strong mid innings and powerplay bowling attack too.

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Re: Inconsistent Match Engine

Postby liquefry » Fri Nov 13, 2020 10:50 pm

looks like your batsmen might be set too aggressive. All of them were slogging in the middle of a collapse against quality bowlers. With that opening stand you were in a very good position to win but they all threw their wickets away cheaply. Try playing some friendly against Thrashings with varying orders to get a better feel for the settings that work for your team.

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Re: Inconsistent Match Engine

Postby Zorax » Sat Nov 14, 2020 8:24 am

I feel part of why these kind of collapses feel unrealistic is that cricket IRL, particularly limited overs batting, has changed so much since Stumped was launched.

This kind of collapses was extremely common for a while in ODI cricket. Many teams would get off to great starts chasing high scores, but would falter at the final stretch even if the RRR was more or less what they were already scoring at.

In modern day cricket, batsmen have gotten better at closing out chases, inspired by the likes of Kohli, Kane, AbDV, various Australian and West Indian finishers that have come and gone, and now basically the whole English ODI team. Even Ireland pulled off a high chase with composure recently, and multiple times in the past decade!

But if you cast your mind back to late 200s/early 2010s, this was fairly common. 7 RPO was still considered difficult. Now its a cakewalk.
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