Season 26 Pre-registrations

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Season 26 Pre-registrations

Postby ltraynor » Thu Sep 10, 2020 7:33 am

Hey everyone,

I'd like to start by thanking everyone for the interest and support for the Quarter cup and the feedback for the most part has been positive. I pride myself in making sure the competitions are fun and interesting and a learning and growing experience for everyone.

That said there are always improvements that can be made. So in order to get the best competition set up possible I am opening up registrations for Season 26 now. These will close 20th October 2020. To allow me time to set up the competition.


The format will be very similiar to the Quarter cup but with some noticible differences. A Maximum of 64 with 8 teams in each group seems like a great format that I'd like to keep. The seeding process could use some improvements though, as 3 cheaters were removed and the world ranking system doesn't always cover the ratings of each team as well as it could. So the ratings from the last 4 SOD games will be used as the primary method for seeding and the entire 64 will be seeded at the same time so as not to have any issues. Last comp 32 were seeded once and then another 32 a few weeks later because of the interest was higher than expected.

Affiliates/New Teams

I will also be running the affiliate comp but will open it up to more newer teams as well. Teams that rate less than 50K constantly will be welcome to join this comp regardless of length played in game. This is to allow more casual teams or teams in rebuilding the chance to play on a level that is more in line with where they're team is at. This competition will take a maximum of 64 but the main group will be filled first. This comp will fill in multiples of 8 with a minimum of 8 teams for the comp to go ahead. Teams can enter both their main and affililiate team if both teams meet the requirements. You will be as a priority placed in different groups. Affiliates will always be placed in the 2nd competition regardless of strength of team.


Unlike this season where the Friendly Comp system is being tested, next season there will be prizes for winning the competition. I am assuming the options for these are credits or Membership. The actual prizes will be shared at a later stage once that part of the competition is known to me. I will cover entry for participants for season 26 competition but may not be able to do that every season going forward. (This is subject to change depending on entry costs.)

Final Seeding

Seeding will take place between the 21st and 31st of October and be taken from ratings from the Expert Preview in game. If you wish to be seeded with a particular team or unhappy with your seeding please discuss with me ASAP. I will try to accommodate reasonable requests.

Please register your team by replying to this post with your Team name and username if you have an affiliate make sure to add them as well.

Hope to see you on the cricket pitch.



1. Stellar Soldiers (stellar99)
2. Zorax CC (Zorax)
3. Saragarhi Martyrs (Redsox)
4. Kashmir Warriors (A500)
5. Kalinga Knights (Knight)
6. Chennai Super Kings (ashykicker)
7. Blackcat (Sufyanhot)
8. Liverpool Vikings (lightning)
9. Cricfan XI (cricfan123)
10. Omkar Cricket Club (omkar95)
11. Malvern Pickersleigh (Simes)
12. Lost Boys (Samir)
13. Gaukrodger (Bodom)
14. Frogmorton CC (Dirtydingo)
15. Pest CCC (Stomalomalus )
16. Real Madrid (muzammil)
17. Elemental Beasts (Diameter)
18. Fictionally Inclined (Liquefry)
19. Dirty Pete Sanchez Crew (Cooch31)
20. Green Valley Eagles (James018)
21. Indolent Devils (ashok36)
22. Braves (Gamebreaker)
23. Pro Crastinators (conradij )
24. Legend Killers (Rajakhil92)
25. The Wolf Men (wolfman)
26. The Tonkers (Mod-tonk6464)
28. Idle Wanderers (Morphunc)
29. LMD CC (saadiscool220)
30. Phantom Paradox (Darium)
31. West Row Wyvern (Rtj45)
32. Fartland (Bumpuss)
33. Yorkshire Puddings (O1yted)
34. Wickers Warriors (wicker)
35. Ball Burners (Maximus)
36 Setamares (elegantyak)
37. Team Seven (OviRajKhan)
38. FlyingBTUkInd (Lalithkumark)
39. The Reds (Lunarlord34)
40. Sir XI (Santoshd16)
41 Hyderabad Badshas (Dileep)
42 Baahubali Cricket Club (Dwapar)
43. Stumped Barbarians (Fmstumped)
44. Shahzaday Club (Khurram69)
45. P4K15T4N (bosspeed)
46. Chester Ducks (mike778)
47. Surepuro11 (Surepuro)
48 All in the Wrists (Jammycarrot)
49. Paladins (Hannibal)
50. Xbox360 Elite (Zephyr)
51. Peckham CC (danedgario)
52. Waldron Wanderers (Bustergut)
53. KryptoKnights (Krypto)
54. Jan CC (Jan)


1. Free HK (AFF-Zorax)
2. Barnstoneworth CC (Hectorblap)
3. Calgary Beer Guzzlers (Aff- Redsox)
4. White Room (Paul857)
5. Weymouth bay sharks (elli56)
6. Weymouth bay Windies (elli56)
7. Birmingham Blasters (Lightning)
8. Pickersleigh (Simes)
9. The Krodglets (Bodom)
10. Di Oda (jan1)
11. The Brisbane Lions (molle)
12. The Penguin Squad (YVRK)
13. Rockhoppers CC (YVRK)
14. Daft Serious CC (Stomaloumalus)
15. Talking Heads (Cooch31)
15. Absolute Madness (Liquefry)
15. Dynamo Morpork ( MagvGarlic)
16. The Tanks (Lalithprasad)
17.Marvellous Effort That (Mod-tonk6464)
18. East Row Eagle (Rtj45)
19. Breaking Winds (Bumpuss)
20. Aukward Auklanders (Wicker)
21 Pitch Smashers (Maximus)
22. Reds Pups (lunarlord34)
23. Not From the wrists (Jammycarrot)
24. Dark Laird of the Etive (garthmaul)
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Re: Season 26 Pre-registrations

Postby stellar99 » Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:02 am

Team Name: Stellar Soldiers
Manager User ID: stellar99
Stumped Team ID: 172

Kindly count me in.


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Re: Season 26 Pre-registrations

Postby Zorax » Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:23 am

Zorax CC and Free HK are both happy to join

I'm happy to be a sponsor for this tournament too.
Zorax CC | Free HK
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Re: Season 26 Pre-registrations

Postby paul857 » Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:29 am

More than happy to join in again. Thanks.

Team name = White Room
Userid = paul857
Manager of EurAfrica-based White Room and America-based franchise Cow Corner.

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Re: Season 26 Pre-registrations

Postby HectorBlap » Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:33 am

Yes please.

Team Name: Barnstoneworth CC
Manager ID: HectorBlap
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Re: Season 26 Pre-registrations

Postby RedSox » Thu Sep 10, 2020 1:42 pm

I will join with both my teams:

Main - Saragarhi Martyrs
Affiliate - Calgary Beer Guzzlers

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Re: Season 26 Pre-registrations

Postby A500 » Thu Sep 10, 2020 2:47 pm

Count me in
Team Name: Kashmir Warriors
Manager Name: A500

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Re: Season 26 Pre-registrations

Postby Knight » Thu Sep 10, 2020 2:53 pm

Lancers would love to be a part of it

Team: Kalinga Lancers
Manager: Knight

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Re: Season 26 Pre-registrations

Postby elli56 » Thu Sep 10, 2020 2:55 pm

Yes pls

Weymouth bay sharks
Aff Weymouth bay Windies

Usename elli56

Weymouth Bay Sharks
Aff Weymouth Bay Windies

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Re: Season 26 Pre-registrations

Postby ashykicker » Thu Sep 10, 2020 3:05 pm

Team Name: Chennai Super Kings (Main)
Manager User ID: ashykicker

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