U21 T20

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Re: U21 T20

Postby Zephyr » Sun Oct 25, 2020 12:23 am

paul857 wrote: It’s a shame managers are not taking the time to either set default orders or change their team regularly because it spoils the point of the friendly league. I messaged one manager and was told to p*** off.

Seriously, you should look at how you send a message to managers. When you come across condescending, then lecture on “the spirit of cricket,” you get short impolite replies, directing you to competition organiser to reverse result.

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Re: U21 T20

Postby paul857 » Sun Oct 25, 2020 8:19 am

Our in-game messages were strictly between us and even though I quoted part of your response I did not name you or your team. However, you have decided to have a go at me in public so I feel that I must respond.

The background to my message was that both my teams in the U2150 (DEV 50 over competition) were regularly being beaten by teams where managers had not set their orders and so my DEV boys were up against some serious senior sides. The organiser was reversing the games if reported but it was frustrating to not play on a level playing field. So when we came up against you, and your team was again a senior rather than a DEV one, I sent this message.

"So disappointed you couldn't be bothered to follow the rules of this competition. Not the first time either from what I can see so I've had no problem reporting you to the organiser to get the result reversed if you win. Shame people can't follow basic rules and have to spoil the whole comp for us who do."

If that is condescending then I apologise but it was the truth as several of your previous games had been reversed. However your response was extremely rude and was as follows.

"Mate pull the knob out from wherever you have it inserted. Contact the organiser, now piss off sook, I don’t have time for tantrums."

My response was thus.

"Not exactly the spirit of cricket. I will leave you in peace and not bother you again. Good luck for the rest of the season."

At no time did I lecture you on the spirit of the game, rather I stated that your response was not in the spirit of the game. I'm sorry if you felt my first message was condescending but you were not following the rules, so I felt it only right to warn you that our game was being reported for reversal. I take your comment on board and will try to word my messages better in the future.
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