English potentials Season 24

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Re: English potentials Season 24

Postby YVRK » Thu Sep 17, 2020 3:29 pm

Stomalomalus wrote:
YVRK wrote:
Stomalomalus wrote:
I’m afraid with those secondaries (stamina, fielding), he’s unlikely to get close. Saying that, we don’t have a glut if all rounders. But on the other hand, we have rich in charge and he has a speed fetish;)

:lol: Tbf if he was at least fast-medium I’m sure that his chances would’ve increased significantly, personally I would’ve trained him to become express myself. As I said he won’t be a regular but maybe might play a game here and there in suitable conditions

Sorry, I was being a bit too nice...

He won't become an international, he's not good enough. He'll be a nice, solid club player for you. Like Tampoe for me, who is better because he has stamina and can field. He's never likely to gain a cap, either, because he's just not good enough.

No problems, didn’t really expect him to get in anyway, thanks for replying and clarifying :thumbup:

How’s Blackwell looking btw? (https://www.stumpedgame.com/player.php?Player=206966) At nearly age 19 he has 30 batting skill and 35 bowling skill, and he should get to 5 points higher in each, though I’m hoping I can push his bowling to maybe 42 skill. Will be a wicket taking leggie especially with his trait coupled with high variation and accuracy meaning that he’ll take wickets even in conditions which don’t necessarily favour him, and adds some very handy batting down the order. His fielding is good enough and he already has 11 experience. Could he maybe earn a cap in a few seasons?
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Re: English potentials Season 24

Postby Stomalomalus » Thu Sep 17, 2020 4:41 pm

elegantyak wrote:Long shot, because I have no idea what his stats are, but have you scouted Tommy Biddle at Waldron Wanderers? He has a chunky wage and destroys me every time I play against him.

Thanks :) he’s on our shortlist already, or mine at least!
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Re: English potentials Season 24

Postby conradij » Thu Oct 15, 2020 7:20 pm

Stomalomalus wrote:
conradij wrote:Speaking about players that aren't good enough...

I'm assuming Singh fits that category but just in case you looking for a NBS...


36 bat with strike rotator
40 bowl with NBS
13 fielding

Thanks. I've already taken a look at him :) We're pretty good in the spin bowling stocks, but he at least made the discussion thanks to that NBS.

On another topic: are you up for negotiating your offer price on him? :)

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