England Squad S28

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England Squad S28

Postby Stomalomalus » Fri Jul 23, 2021 2:10 pm

After careful consideration, we've narrowed down England's players to a group of 18. There were always going to be some unlucky players who miss out, our reserve list is full of players who may get a go at some point in the competition.

Russell Abbott - Malvern Pickersleigh
Ben Alder - The Reds
Stephen Avery - Dead Balls CC
Tommy Biddle - Waldron Wanderers
Lee Clifford - The Tonkers
Adam Constantine - Cutting Edge
Davey Goswell - Woody's Woodpeckers
David Gourley - The Bobs XI
Khawaja Jawad - The Tonkers
John Matthews - Velociraptors
Bob McKinnon - Chester Ducks
Stuart Merry - Basco
Darrell Millard - Waldron Wanderers
Zaphix Nemulis - West Row Wyverns
Dave Petty - Cunning
Patrick Piggott - Lauderdale
Arboretum Sicklebough (Tree) - Usz Warriors
Quintinius Verginix - The Reds


Harry Hadden
Jamie Foster
Finn Scott
Mark Stokes
Fred Stokes
Andrew Ascott
Nirvair Jethani
Dave Addlestone

Thank you to all the managers who trained produced and trained these players.
Manager of Pest CCC English SOD Champions Season 25 and 26
Manager of Daft Serious CC
England National Team Manager
Winner of S27 T20 Internationals.

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