S22-NAT-T20 Squad

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S22-NAT-T20 Squad

Postby Dileep » Thu Nov 21, 2019 9:57 pm

I have reached out to most of you and got a good response revealing your player skills.

We have finalised the squad with much thought put into the selection balancing the team as good as possible, couple of close calls as well of all the closest was a wristie in the squad and the missed out is from my own club :silent:

Anwar Haroon - RHD
Hrishabh Solkar - RHS
Ganesh Kaushik - RHA+
Jairam Sukanya - LHA
Aarsh Chandramouli - RHA
Devanand Kakkad - LHA
Nagesh Omesh - RHS

Milind Saligrama - RHA+

Harsh Parag - RFS
Dushyant Khodabhai - LFS
Mohan Gopinath - RWS

Pace attack
Agha Akhter - RF
Milan More - RF
LalithKumar KrishnaMoorthy - RFM
Nemil Mhambrey - RFM
Chatur Patel - LMF
Gyan Palathingal - RM
Nirmesh Tickoo - RM

Thorin Oakenshield
Bhuban Niradhara
Shyam Siddhi
Chiranjiv Gandhi

Aapal Venkatasubramani
Himesh Gavarasana

Dhiren Murti
Janak Ganeshwaran
Laksman Dama

Pace Attack:
Devvrat Pratima
Nikesh Tyagi
Umair Hammad
Divyanshu Sunondo
Ike Higgins
Chintu Samudra
Dhaval Margasahayam
Karim Afridi

Its good we have a strong Bench that could compete against our own main side.

Hrishabh Solkar will captain the side with Ganesh Kaushik being the Vice captain.

Our Senior most Nat prospect and the man who has more caps than anyone in the world was one hard call to drop but still at 36 age he still stands chance to play for us with his experience we will take a call as the tourney proceeds.

Also congratulations to the managers to see your players debut this term, The most changed aspect of the team is pace attack we have 5 new guys and the most consistent is batting with only 1 new bat in the team.

Jairam Sukanya
Milind Saligrama
Mohan Gopinath
Gyan Palathingal
Agha Akhter
Chatur Patel
Nirmesh Tickoo
Nemil Mhambrey

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Re: S22-NAT-T20 Squad

Postby paul857 » Fri Jul 24, 2020 10:04 pm

Manager of EurAfrica-based White Room and America-based franchise Cow Corner.

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