WI final national squad season 24


WI final national squad season 24

Postby Standard » Sat May 16, 2020 3:16 pm

This is the final squad of West-Indies national team for season 24

1.D.Mcmenemy (Northdown)
2.S.Dunn (Carthagians)
3.C.Owen (Nelson)
4.E.McLaughlin (XBox 360 Elite)
5.B.Buckland (Dead Balls CC)
6.K.Boardman (The Tonkers)
7.L.Sexton (The Bob XI))

1.H.Swash (Dead Balls CC)

1.N.Gaspard (Northdown)
2.D.Wharton (Northdown)
3.D.Ireland (The Bob XI)
4.P.OFarrel (The Bob XI)

1.D.Hailstone(Kashmir Warriors)
2.A.Farooq(Dead Balls CC)

Pacers and fast bowlers:
1.R.Fitzpatrick (Northdown)
2.D.Fairbairn (The Reds)
3.J.Preston (Standard)

Thanks to everyone for helping by revealing players.
Wish a good season for West-Indies.
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Re: WI final national squad season 24

Postby Crazyman » Sat May 16, 2020 4:33 pm

That was quick. Good luck
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