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Re: SA young talents

Postby rtj45 » Wed Jan 27, 2021 7:04 pm

mike778 wrote:
rtj45 wrote:
mike778 wrote:
It throws the balance of the game. There is supposed to be scarcity of players.

If there are say 20 teams, there might be 5 top players.

If 10 of those teams go bot then there are now 5 top players amongst 10 teams. It throws the balance of the game out the window if you keep the good players across less teams. What is a good player?

So... With respect I disagree with you 100 percent.

Like I said I don't see how we have a choice. Other nations would save him so to be competitive we have to. Its just very bad for stumped that you can do.

Playing devils advocate here you view will be biased. I agree with you nonetheless but you have accumulated a star team with graft and hence are against skill inflation.

I also agree that south afruca should make him listed.

Fair doos but to counter, we do have 12m in the bank we are looking to spend so surely releasing some very talented players would help my team would it not ? I love Bullet Arms so would be bidding high for this guy if he became available.

Ultimately it was the scarcity off players that attracted me to Stumped originally along with each player being 'different'. Its not like BT where you can make any player a mega-star. The USP of the game is that there are only so many star 50 potential player in the game. It just seems wrong to have a team leave the game but their 50 potential bullet arm gets artificially thrown back in.

I would be very happy if the rule was changed and we lost him. If it isn't though we have no choice to game the system and rescue him because every other nation would.

Agreed, and £12m, how :') Also please could you share with me the skills of Bennett for pot NAT purposes via PM? looks handy (also Jupp as well would be great too as we lack variation bowling options). :) Many thanks
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