South African ODI squad Season 28

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South African ODI squad Season 28

Postby YVRK » Fri Jul 23, 2021 5:01 am

The South African ODI squad for Season 28 has been finalised.

Randy Richmond (Chester Ducks)
Muchaneta Mthiyane (Oxfam Rejects)
Uys Fouche (c) (KryptoKnights)
Munashe Mncwabe (Pro Crastinators)
Eugene De Kock (vc) (cricfanxi)
Mark Rumble + (KryptoKnights)
Glynn Gwynn + (Red’s Pups)
Lennox Awberry (Velociraptors)

Lamar Novak (wk) (vc) (Jan CC)
Hugh Townshend (wk) + (Red’s Pups)

Ruud Bernstein (Pro Crastinators)
Louis Grobbelaar* (Legend Killers)
Jozef Jelen (Jan CC)
Rogier Pretorious (Vrystaat Knegte)
Tijn Schmidt (Dead Balls CC)

Theunis Vermaak * + (Liverpool Vikings)
Lyle Paul * + (Woody’s Wolverines)
Johannes Opperman* (KryptoKnights)

Jay Face (Squirrel Cheeseman)
Mustafa Bangash + (wk) (KryptoKnights)
Chung Yiu + (Zorax CC)
Kagiso Rabada + (The Bengals)
Tinavo Mhlongo* (SaraGarhi Martyrs)
Jochem Bezuidenhout * + (KryptoKnights)
Leigh Frayn * + (East Row Eagles)
Wiebrand Afrika (Cunning)

*denotes all-rounder
+ denotes player yet to play a NAT game

Congrats to all selected players and their managers ahead of the NAT season! We’ve gone with a slightly younger squad this season due to talented players starting to push themselves to the forefront. Again, there are players who have missed out particularly in the batting department, but given that this is an ODI season with stamina management being key, chances are that some players from beyond the reserve list will get their chance.
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