Announcement from the National Manager

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Announcement from the National Manager

Postby jammycarrot » Thu Oct 19, 2023 10:10 am

It has been 14 seasons since I first stepped foot into the backroom of the Sri Lankan international setup, taken under the wing of the more experienced managers around me. And for the last 9 seasons, it has been my privilege to lead them as the manager of the Sri Lankan national team.

But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. And just like the all-you-can-eat buffet down the road that shuts at 10pm, it is time for me to throw out a fat, annoying asshole who has overstayed his welcome in the team. And so it is that after all this time, at the next set of NAT elections, I will be stepping out into the crisp, night air to take my leave.

Over the time here, we have hit some of the highest heights. 3 times we have made the top 4 playoffs, including making a final in S32, losing on the last ball to an undefeated NZ side managed by one of the top managers in the game. As a side that consistently ranks lower than most nations in all departments, bringing these small glories is something I have taken great pride in. I can only apologise that I was unable to go one further and bring home a title.

Sri Lanka has never been blessed with the riches of talent that other countries have had, nor had the depth of squad that have underlined the strength of some of the larger nations. But in my time here, we have consistently overachieved our position as the smallest nation with the fewest players, and in part, that comes from you folk, the managers who have nurtured Sri Lankan talent, and made it possible to compete. Without you, and without the determination to produce players, we would have found ourselves fighting over last place. My enduring thanks to you all.

Among the many other thanks I must add, there is one man who must be spoken about. Bumpuss, manager of Fartland, who was also assistant when I joined, taking a couple of seasons as manager, and then taking the back seat as my assistant for the past 9 seasons. It has been an honour to learn from you, and your input into squad selections, tactics and teamsheets has always been invaluable. The achievements we have managed over these seasons have 100% been a team effort.

The Sri Lankan side at the moment has some exciting young players coming through, who will no doubt continue to represent the nation with the same pride as the old guard who are starting to think about coaching badges and groundskeeping courses. I leave knowing that whoever takes over will have the opportunity to take Sri Lanka to even higher highs than I was able to manage. As for me, a small step backwards in terms of Stumped time is going to be a welcome break for the next couple of seasons. After that, we'll see where it takes us, and who knows, maybe there is still a chapter to be written in my Sri Lankan adventure.

Again, many thanks to you all, and I wish Sri Lanka all the best for the future.

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Re: Announcement from the National Manager

Postby bumpuss » Fri Oct 20, 2023 8:03 am

Jammy, congratulations for being the NAT manager for Sri Lanka for many seasons. Whilst of course we are sad that you will not be taking up another term, I am sure all of us (SL supporters as well those involved in International matches) appreciate the effort and the time you put in.

The Sri Lanka national team has definitely grown over time thanks to the hard work of Jammy. Its not easy thing to do the scouting, set orders and engage the community but Jammy did of all these outstandingly well! Managing Sri Lanka was always going to be challenging with the smaller pool of players, combined with challenges of losing skilled players due to their clubs bot and then periods of absence of international activity. With these challenges, I think Sri Lanka under the guidance of Jammy has performed exceptionally well!

As an assistant, it was fun to manage Sri Lanka with Jammy. We just bounced orders/ideas of each other and tried new things.

You have earned a well deserved break :thumbup:

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