Sri Lankan National Team Season 20

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Sri Lankan National Team Season 20

Postby bumpuss » Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:27 am

If anyone is interested in being an assistant please let me know. You just need to be active!

This season is going to be a little difference because of the real life World Cup. Apparently the fixtures are gonna match the World Cup fixture and importantly the squad size will be limited to only 15 players!

So, if you want your player to be selected then i need to know their up to date skills! Anyone who has over 40 current skill in batting or bowling has a chance of making the squad. Please message me if you have any players that you think are good enough to make the squad. If you are not sure, send me message anyway!

I think first we have a few friendlies matches and then the World Cup. So not much time left!

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Re: Sri Lankan National Team Season 20

Postby bumpuss » Fri Apr 26, 2019 5:10 am

Preliminary World Cup Squad

Fixtures are up and I am now able to select a squad of 23 which will be cut down to 15 for the World Cup. We have 6 matches before the World Cup.

1. Krishan de Zilva-van Twest (Karachi) - Arguably the best batsmen in the game averaging 81.40 with bat. Selectors consider him an almost certainty for the World Cup.

2. Nishad de Silva (StrangerX) - Main keeper for us. Gauranteed to be in the World Cup squad.

3. Aldwin Jacobs (Velociraptors) - Aldwin is one our most experienced players and he will be invaluable for the World Cup.

4. Ashen Kumarakulasinghe (SaraGarhi Martyrs) - Ashen still hasn't produced his best performances for SL yet. I look forward to strong performances in the upcoming matches to the World Cup, to cement his position.

5. Kasun de Wolff (Gaukrodger) - Some big scores to the lead up to the WC and he will be a certainty.

6. Roshan Ludowyke (Kashmir Warriors) - Has performed ok in his two games so far. He will be watched closely by the selectors.

7. Supun Derinyanagala (XBox 360 Elite) - An upcoming batsmen, yet to make his international debut.

8. Nishad Verwerda (Crazy xi) - Has only played 3 international matches so far and yet to make his mark. Needs to make most of the oppurtinity to impress the selectors.

9. Shanuka Jayakody (Chennai Super Kings) - Selectors will have to decide whether the experience of Shanuka is required for the World Cup

10. Kisame Hoshigaki (Fartland) - Or will selectors opt for the talented but inexperienced Kisame?

11. Ashen Consigliere (Loarwood Sign) - Another young rising batsman that the selectors want to keep an eye on.

12. Nishad Simithraaratchi (Chester Ducks) - Reserve keeper. Selection for the World Cup will be dependent on whether they want to take 2 keepers or not.

13. Shehan Wesselius (Brokebat Mountain) - Skipper should be an automatic selection for the WC.

14. Shan Palewandram (Carthagians) - The spinners have a lot of competition and their performances leading to the WC will be key if they are selected or not.

15. Sahan Overbeek (Bramhall CC) - As above. Sahan brings in more batting and that they may give an edge in selection.

16. Shan Seneviratne (Malvern Pickersleigh) - Sri Lanka's fastest and best bowler will of course be selected for the World Cup.

17. Shan Verwerda (Carthagians) - In a 15 man squad, I think at most 3 spinners would be selected, competition is fierce for spinners.

18. Indika Ramanathan (Waldron Wanderers) - SL possess quite a few quality spinners but none really have performed to the level expected. Hoping for better performances leading to the World Cup to ease selection.

19. Thilina Sandrasagra (Cunning) - An extremely talented medium bowler, Thilina will be looking to get a of wickets.

20. Savi Gulshanyetine (The Stiffs) - Savi bring variation to bowling attack with his left arm medium and has performed very well so far. If he continues with this level of performance he should be in the WC Squad.

21. Akila Anthonypillai (Jan CC) - Unlikely to make the squad, however he does unique skillset.

22. Asela Jayawickrema (Loarwood Sign) - Wildcard selection, however if he performance with his handy characteristics he could be a surprise selection for the World Cup.

23. Sampath Goonesekera (Bramhall CC) - Old is gold! At 34 Sampath is still performing well and makes his come back to the national team.

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