Sri Lanka SOD squad (S30)

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Sri Lanka SOD squad (S30)

Postby jammycarrot » Fri Mar 18, 2022 2:06 pm

After much deliberation, discussion and debate, we are pleased to announce the Sri Lankan SOD squad for season 30.

K. Hoshigaki (Fartland) 65 caps
T. Wijeratne (Pest CCC) 37 caps
G. Mayar (Pat XI) UNCAPPED
H.Nanayakkara (Nite ville) 9 caps
D. Senagala (Nite ville) 12 caps
K. Weerasekera (Jims XI) UNCAPPED
C. Periyanayagam (Cunning) UNCAPPED
K. Waas (Chester Ducks) UNCAPPED
C. Theunisz (All In The Wrists) 43 caps

S. Chengelpet (Setemares) UNCAPPED

R. Dissanayake (Jims XI) 22 caps
P. Zieseniss (Velociraptors) 16 caps
J. Droz (Fartland) 22 caps
D. Weeraratne (Breaking Winds) UNCAPPED
J. Mansoor (BuckminsterFullerTeam) 15 caps
A. Panditharatne (Blandford Badgers) UNCAPPED
A. Thuraiaiyah (Nite ville) 4 caps
S. Passe (Oxfam Rejects) UNCAPPED

Reserves: C.Pavilupillai (Brokebat Mountain, 13 caps), D.Ponniah (BuckminsterFullerTeam, 12 caps), S.D.Estandau (Zorax, 2 caps), H.Ramasubramanian (Malvern Pickersleigh, uncapped), S. Eberhardie (Hyderabad Badhas, 10 caps), S. Pethurupillai (Nite ville, uncapped), S. Ramalingam (Zorax, uncapped)

Congratulations to all who have had players picked, particularly to the 8 new players who may be getting a first cap. It's a tough season and I'm sure some of the reserves will be called upon due to tiredness or slightly alternate pitches.

Thank you all again for picking, training and developing some great Sri Lankan players. This has been the most difficult squad selection in some time, which is brilliant to see. Please keep supporting us with scout picks and updates on any potential Sri Lankan players. It'll be difficult to replicate last season's run to the semi final, but we'll do everything we can to try!
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