Bangladesh Squad - Season 27

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Bangladesh Squad - Season 27

Postby OviRajKhan » Thu Apr 22, 2021 5:08 am

So after few days of scouting and selection we've come up with this squad, This year's squad sure is tougher than the previous two seasons.. Show's that we're improving! and it all thanks to the managers who are training these amazing players.. Even though some players were left out who should've been included, We will be looking to add them later in the season if needed for the team combination.
So here's the squad:


Sajid Hamayun (Team Seven)
Brajesh Shail (LostBoys)
Din Noor (BTP-s Cobbacombe Cross Crusaders)
Riaz Aftab (Team Seven)
Munir Azam (LMD CC)
Raun Shkorer (Zorax CC) *
Sajid Sami (Wuhan Wonders) *
Balakk Snigdha (Mordialloc CC) *
Tin Yau (Free HK) *


Firoz Subbanna (Pest CCC)

All rounders

Khawaja Khattak (Team Seven)
Hansh Magesh (XBox 360 Elite) *


Mirza Uzair (Team Seven)
Kabir Saif (Team Seven)

Taufeeq Imran (Idle Wanderers)
Trushin Barai (W0lves)
Mitul Patel (SIR XI)
Mubashar Obaid (Paladins) *

* Haven’t played any T20I match yet

Congratulations to all the selected players, hope we can have a very good season ahead.. :thumbup:
Manager of Team Seven
and Bangladesh Nat Manager of S24-25 & S27-28

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