Bangladesh YP Contest - Season 28!

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Re: Bangladesh YP Contest - Season 28!

Postby JayTheFirebender » Wed Aug 11, 2021 7:10 am

Jackpot! 46 pot bowler skewed towards movement (for once) AND he’s a late bloomer. Shame about the fielding but I think that I’ll be keeping this one for now :)
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Re: Bangladesh YP Contest - Season 28!

Postby Zorax » Sun Aug 15, 2021 1:36 pm

What an incredible final week of pulls! Entries are now closed and the winners are as follows:

Best Wicketkeeper - highest total Wicketkeeping + Batting potentials, with a minimum of 12 keeping potential
Mustafa Hashim (West Row Wyverns) - Total 61 potential (46 bat + 15 keep)

Best Allrounder - highest total Batting + Bowling potentials, with a minimum of 38 total potential in each discipline
Zakir Adeel (The Bar Is Open) - Total 95 potential (46 bat + 49 bwl)

Best Batter - highest total Batting potentials
Nilan Ramanuja (Omkar Cricket Club) - total 43 potential

Best Bowler - highest total Bowling potentials
Masood Farooq (Southern Avenue Park XI) - total 46 potential

Worst Youth Pull - lowest total potential of all skills combined
Chris Kumbla (Setemares) - Total 55 potential

Congratulations to all 5 winners! Final-week discoveries Zakir Adeel and Masood Farooq take the Allrounder and Bowler awards respectively, which frees up OCC to win the Best Batter award for Nilan Ramanuja. Mustafa Hashim remains the best wicketkeeper, and Chris Kumbla the worst player discovered.

This leaves us with 40 entries from 11 different teams for the lucky draw! I lined these entries up by Player ID, and generated two different numbers from 1 to 40. The first lucky draw winner is...


13! Lucky number 13, which was assigned to Hanif Khawaja of Bowled Over!! Congrats!

And the second lucky draw winner is...


32! Marlon Samuel's batting average, and was assigned to Govardhan Sivaram of GG CC! Congrats!

3 months membership has been purchased for the managers of all the above teams :thumbup:

I recorded a total of 56 BD youth pulls over the course of the last 7 weeks, 11 of whome have been shortlisted, which is fantastic! I'm sure there were a lot more BD pulls made that I am not aware of, so good signs for the future of BD cricket :thumbup: Thank you all for taking part, and hope you keep pulling for BD in the future!
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Re: Bangladesh YP Contest - Season 28!

Postby elegantyak » Mon Aug 16, 2021 8:37 am

Thank you very much. It's extremely generous of you!

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Re: Bangladesh YP Contest - Season 28!

Postby omkar95 » Mon Aug 16, 2021 10:06 am

Thank you for the comp!

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Re: Bangladesh YP Contest - Season 28!

Postby Odin » Mon Aug 16, 2021 1:19 pm

Very nice thankyou :thumbup:
I'll keep pulling Bangladesh as favored country until someone else has a comp like this!

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