India's tour of Australia 2020/2021

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Re: India's tour of Australia 2020/2021

Postby Molle » Wed Jan 20, 2021 2:17 pm

Sorry I got carried away with my reply a bit there. What I should have said first and foremost was congrats to India. I thought Sydney was a never to be repeated miracle but they went one better, with 'worse' players against a nearly first choice australian side, at home and on a 4th day wicket and beat us.
I let out a loud 'Whoop!' when Bumrah was ruled out. Surely that meant an easy 700 runs for australia and plenty of time to run through 20 indian wickets on a Gabba pitch.
I knew that when the coin came down in Australias favour that batting first was the right call. Even when Warner went early, in Marnus we trust and he delivered on his home pitch. I thought even when Smith chipped Washington to Rohit, Wade or Green would counter attack. Even when a session was lost to rain, I thought it would mean a day 5 second session victory rather than a first session win, it was only delaying the inevitable.
I thought once India were 6 for less than 200, that the rookies plus tail would fold and our bowlers would get a good rest up before the final charge. Then Washington stood tall, dare I say it, like a monument. Thakur was arguably better. Still a first innings lead is worth something. Cracks were appearing.
When that ball spat and leapt at Smith I smiled. If this was day 4, no way would the Indians survive a day of this, it was only going to get worse. 100 overs was too long, 326 was too many. I applauded Sirajs second innings 5 for. A valiant effort in a doomed cause.
Rohits dismissal was inevitable, knicking off to the keeper. He's a white baller. India had 9 white ballers in their XI. Rahane and Pujara were going to be the only stumbling blocks. Sure Pant would have a dash and make a breezy 30 odd but no real danger.
Pujara got hit. Pujara got hit. Pujara got hit. Pujara got hit. Face, head, ribs, fingers. He was like the dead cow in the Rocky. Just a meat sack there to be punched. But Paine kept at him with Cummins. At the other end Gil played like only a rookie could. No fear, no doubt, no knowledge that from this position he and his team would lose. He didn't know any better. A delightful 90 odd for the young man, good on him in a losing cause.
Pujara found back and slapped Starc around and got his strike rate into the 30s. Rahane tried to fight back and lost. Pant was promoted.
I thought once Pujara went that Cummins and co would chip away and then run through the 9, 10 and jack once exposed. Even if they didn't you can't score at 5.5 an over on a 5th day pitch. What a horrible thought to have. Thinking to save the draw when only a win would do and yet I thought it. I bet Paine thought it too.
What a dramatic finish it would be if Australia lost this with only 30 or so runs left to play with. What inspired captaincy that left just the right amount of time and runs on board to dangle the carrot only to cruelly rip it away. Would it be the consistent Hazlewood or the worlds best Cummins that took the final poles and we would be left to argue whether their last day 5 fors were worth more or less than Labuschagne's century when MotM got announced.
Then Pant started doing Pant things. Pant was worse than Gil. Gil didn't know better. Pant knew. He knew that he could win from here. A little believe can be a dangerous thing. Lyon bowled defensively and Paine let him. Cummins was over bowled. Green under bowled. Starc was shit and petulant about it. Pant was a god but even gods must die, right? Even if he didn't, there were only mortals up the other end.
Washington joined in the chase and fell playing a T20 shot, when only ODI shots were require to win a Test match. Oh you poor bastard. How you will be lampooned, or even harpooned, by your own media. Thakur ballooned one up in the air but they crossed leaving two balls left in Hazelwoods over but 3 runs to get. Just dot it up and let Cummins or Starc run through the other end. 3 bunnies vs the worlds best bowler as the aussie commentators kept telling us. Pant didn't want the single. He punched through mid off for four, won the game and broke our hearts. Bastard. Oh how I hate him. I wish he was an aussie.

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Re: India's tour of Australia 2020/2021

Postby bumpuss » Wed Jan 20, 2021 8:59 pm

Australia should have rested Starc or Cummins at the SCG. The three quicks have bowler a lot of overs and then short turn around for the Gabba test. Given how many overs Starc, Cummins and Hazlewood, they still did amazing just shows how good they are.

Indian didnt have to worry about resting their bowlers becuase they just got injured, so they had a forced rotation.

Batting wise.. Warner shouldnt have been picked. He was never hundred percent.Wade scored runs at the top - albiet only 30-40 but still.

In Hindsight, probably should have stuck with Burns given that Bumrah and Shami were injured!

Pucvoski great bat..but the concussions will be a big liability. He has to learn how to duck and avoid getting hit on the head on the first. Bat without a helmet for awhile :twisted:

But in the end. Catches win Matches. India did amazing and tactically superior. Australia didnt have a batsmen like Pujara. They rely heavily on Smith to score. Marnus did will but got dropped so many times..

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Re: India's tour of Australia 2020/2021

Postby MOD-tonk6464 » Fri Jan 22, 2021 5:27 am

YVRK wrote:Great summary Tonks :thumbup:

Thanks YVRK. Many great summaries written by you. :thumbup:

That was an exciting 4th Test Match - particularly on the last day when any type of result was possible. The Aussie bowlers toiled hard but the Indian batting was ultimately too good - particularly Pant and Gill.

Congratulations to India for winning the test series. They demonstrated outstanding depth, resiliance and character to play so well with so many of their best players out injured. The Indian debutants/ very inexperienced players at test level were particularly impressive. They handled the pressure superbly.

The Aussies were a bit disappointing. However, we are a long way from our pinnacle and we can't expect to always be the best team in the world (although it's a good goal to have). India do have a much larger pool of cricketers to choose from. We have an excellent bowling attack, who probably didn't bowl at their best in the last two tests. However, our batting lineup is very fragile. We essentially rely on 2 batsmen to score most of the runs - Smith and Labuschagne. We need more consistently good contributions from the other specialist batsmen.

Young Pucovksi looked very good on debut - hopefully he will build on that going forward (fitness and health permitting). Young Green also looks to have plenty of talent - although he seems a bit raw at the moment. Wade and Head both continued to display a great propensity for throwing their wickets away after getting starts. I think we should be looking for someone else to bat at No.5. Having said that, Wade did score 2 centuries in the last Ashes series, so I would select him before Head if necessary. I think Warner may have been rushed back too soon - he wasn't 100% fit. Hopefully, he will be 100% fit for the next test series and will return to form. Paine's keeping was a little substandard this series and I think his fielding tactics tend to be too defensive at times. He has generally done a very good job for Australia since the sandpaper scandal but I think his time at test level may be numbered.
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