16yo Wicketkeeper/Batsman

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16yo Wicketkeeper/Batsman

Postby MOD-tonk6464 » Fri Oct 16, 2020 1:30 pm

Nathan Rose:

* 20 Keeping potential
* 41 total batting potential - fairly balanced (with decent starting skills)
* Strike Rotator characteristic.
* Very good stamina

Nathan Rose has the potential to be an excellent keeper and very handy with the bat. He could be a really useful player for many teams. Catches win matches as they say.

Manager of The Tonkers and affiliate team Marvellous Effort That
Champions of Div.1 SOD (9 times), Div.1 T20 (11 times), Div.1 DEV and Stumped! Cup
Ex-National Manager of Australia - Champions Season 10 and 17

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