Get the Abey habit

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Get the Abey habit

Postby Boxer » Mon May 10, 2021 11:30 am

OK good people - I have got a lovely project for you. I have taken him along for a few weeks but I am carrying 3 too many players. So he's gotta go , I mean he's not real is he? this game is only a virtual figment of our imaginations, there is no flesh and blood to leave hurt feelings?!?!?....

So Abey is just 17. He is a brilliant A/R in DEV games - balanced and with lots of potential.

Bat wise he is 7/6/7 actual (20) with the potential to rise to 35
Bowling he is 6/7/6 actual (19) with the potential to rise to 41

He has fantastic fielding (which is always a weakness in youth) he has 11 Actual (potential 13)
He has decent stamina 7 of 12
and brings Experience of 9 to the field
He still holds 3 or 4 stars in a variety of his batting and bowling skills in terms of coaching

(Employment on the Island of Jura - pheasant beater)

Gentlefolk - I give you Ashan Abey :clap:

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