An assortment of players

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An assortment of players

Postby Lunarlord34 » Mon Nov 28, 2022 12:35 am

As the title suggests, I'm after all sorts of players. First and foremost, a good young potential keeper is high on the list. Got a good cheap fill in for now a few weeks back but will look to improve on that front in the dev at one point, which also leads me to my next point of wanting a good senior keeper. Chilli is a good option until I can get one of the level I desire, which is more down to skillset than the player itself.

Also after a senior bat as a couple of them are coming to the end of their careers, though not a massive urgent need right now as it would only be a short term fix on that front as a few dev players are really coming through nicely. And maybe a dev bowler as well.

Potentials for the dev side of things would be as follows:
Keeper: 42+ batting pot, though if skewed like say a 17/5/17 I would still have a look at, and 16+ keeping pot. Though neither requirement is set in stone, it's just the general ballpark. Stamina is always appreciated as well, same with any traits whether they be batting or other useful ones like crowd pleaser.

Bat: 45+ unless like previously stated, they're skewed. Not after any particular style of bat on this front, and any age bracket will do for the most part. Stamina and fielding would be appreciated, especially the latter, but the former can be ignored for a good middle order batting option. If one could combine this with my search for a keeper, it would be even better.

Bowler: Not a massively urgent need right now, but 45+ would once more be the ideal area. Traits, skillset, stamina and fielding will all once more be taken into equation as well. Also, any batting on them would also be appreciated.

Genuine Allrounder: Only just thought of this one, but I'm looking for the sort of player that demands selection as both. Everyone is after a player like this though, so anything like a 42/45 or 45/42 or higher is the ideal target area but I am stacked for batting allrounders so might be more after a bowling or the genuine sort over a batting allrounder.

On the senior side:
Keeper: Ideally, 40+ batting and 15+ keeping with mid-high experience and stamina with traits, but I will settle for less if the right player is found. Ideally more in the middle order as thats where a spot is open, but that's more a preference than a requirement.

Bat: I'm only really looking for a super high end bat, 45+ current skill sort, so not really expecting to find that sort but would be appreciated if I could. As previously stated, not massively in urgent need of them as its more a short term fix. Also fielding would love to be 10+ with high experience, but that's once more a preference and not a requirement. Or if combined with the keeping option, would adore.

I know it's a lot of vague and varied things I'm looking for, but I'm a flexible individual when it comes to fitting players into a lineup so just curious what options people are willing to sell and for what price I suppose is the most important part!

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Re: An assortment of players

Postby jammycarrot » Mon Nov 28, 2022 10:41 am

Potential Dev batsman:
Already on offer

Potential Dev Bowler:
Slightly lower potential but 2 traits and a very good lower order attack batsman too.
Also already on offer

On offer too!
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Re: An assortment of players

Postby garthmaul » Mon Nov 28, 2022 11:39 am

I'm also on the lookout for keepers, so can't help their, but I have just made available my best batsman who's just dropped back from 43,47 and has decent fielding if that helps for your senior bat.

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