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Re: Not From The Wrist - whole squad sale

Postby jammycarrot » Wed Oct 14, 2020 8:20 am

liquefry wrote:He can offer his players at whatever price he likes - it's up to you to work out how much you think they are worth.

Exactly that. The point is not to attract those looking for a bargain. That's what the market is for. It requires two people wanting a player to get a fair price. That's why the market fluctuates and what can go for 100k last week can go for 5k this week, and vice versa.

The point is to get those who have a specific need for something particular which they can't currently find on the market, whilst ensuring I still get a relatively fair price for them. If you look at other management games, every player has a price at which a club would be willing to let them go. For some players, that is above what their "market value" is, as I think they have more worth to me in the squad than selling. For others, it may be equal to, or below that as they're replaceable. I believe that listing for 0 on an auction is a last resort of simply wanting rid of a player.

All I'm saying is, have a look, if someone takes your eye, perfect. If not, no harm, no foul. And next time you're looking for something specific, consider looking to the NFTW squad as a potential source.
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