I.Giles 22yr old Keeper

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I.Giles 22yr old Keeper

Postby bumpuss » Thu May 06, 2021 9:44 pm

Note.. I can only sell one keeper, so depending on who has more interest I will sell either Jaha or Giles. Message or post with offer/interest.

Here is Mr Giles:

Two relevent characterisitics, very high stamina to suit the opener role. Gung ho will be handy in T20s and 13 keeping. Only 22 as well.

Ian Giles
Club Fartland
Age 21 (and 13 weeks) : view history
Wage / Rating $6,681 / 5,052
Characteristics Erratic and Opener
Role Keeper
Bats Right handed gung-ho
Bowler Right arm wrist spin
Condition 100%
Stamina 14/16
Shot S. 12/14
Defense 13/16
Attack 11/13
Accuracy 4/12
Movement 5/12
Variation 4/8
Fielding 7/9
Keeping 13/15
Captaincy 10
Experience 8

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