Moved to the Americas

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Moved to the Americas

Postby bumpuss » Mon May 11, 2020 10:52 am

A journal or blog of sorts. Where i write match reports, how i develop my affiliate team, though process on selecting XI and transfer market dealings etc. This hopefully helps new managers and makes for some interesting reading for everyone else.

My main team is Fartland.

I created my affiliate team Breaking Winds yesterday in Sri Lanka League.

My initial squad was of a poor stand (like everyone’s). I ended up culling everyone and kept the bare minimum of 13. No changes to my ground or groundsman.

I did get one good player! Deenadayaal Sanjukta (say it aloud!) is a bright prospect. He is 18, an RMF and has a handy characteristic (Unorthodox action), with 47 potential bowling. I expect him to develop into a gun quick bowler!

Apart from Deena one else really stands apart. I will have to slowly replace the squad either from the transfer market or get lucky with youth pulls.

I promoted three old players into coaches, Sajith Koops, Chamika Amaratunga and Janaka Edirisginhe. I will train them up slowly.

My affiliate team is currently ranked 267 and is in division 3.9 for Senior OD, 4.1 for T20 and 3.9 for Development league.

Breaking Winds played their first ever match today against Flying Penguins. The eleven to play the first ever match:
1. Janaka Dassenaike
2. Gayan Lalor (C)
3. Ravines Tampoe
4. Sanjeewa Raket (WK)
5. Heshan Ranasinghe
6. Roshan Theophilus
7. Sachith Vethanayagam
8. Chaminda Anthonipillai
9. Owais Hanif
10. Deenadayaal Sanjukta
11. Ruwan Palasandiran

Match Ratings:
Match ratings
Stumped!.png (66.78 KiB) Viewed 4186 times

Batting first, we scored 254 for 7, Sachith top scoring with 69 not out. Flying Penguins were bowled out for 70 in 22.4 overs. Chaminda with 4/9 and Sachith with 3/11 were the best of the bowlers. Chaminda was named man of the match for his efforts with bat (40) and bowl, narrowly beating Sachith. Although I would argue Sachith should have been named MOTM.

Next match we play Placid Polecats a T20 affair. I dont expect any changes to above lineup.

The journey has begun.

Feel free to ask questions/suggestions.
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T20 and first ever YP

Postby bumpuss » Wed May 13, 2020 9:01 am

T20 and first ever YP

Before we get to the exciting stuff, a look at finances. A few of the players were requesting shirt numbers but unfortunately at this stage the club cannot afford them! The budget is very tight until the club increases its number of supporters and increase its sponsorship deals. This also partly the reason why Ishara Samarasekera was listed.

We won the 1st ever T20 match against Placid Polecats comfortably. The Polecats batting was indeed very placid, all out for 56. Sachith was the best bowler with 3/4, but everyone bowled well. The total was chased down in 12.5 overs but the top order did not perform to their ability. No significant change in the match ratings.

Back at Silent But Deadly ground try outs were held for a potential youngster to join the club. Five notable youngsters drew the coaches attention:
pull.PNG (23.58 KiB) Viewed 4166 times

Due to budget constraints and stumped league laws only one youngster can be contracted each week. The first ever youth to join Breaking Winds was selected:

Chandana Wijeratne
Club Breaking Winds
Age 16 (and 0 weeks) : view history
Wage / Rating $3,038 / 2,616 - (Trialist)
Characteristics Front footed and Economical
Hobby Freerunning
Role All-Rounder
Bats Right handed aggressive
Bowler Right arm medium-fast
Condition 100%
Touch 10
Stamina 15/18
Shot S. 6/11
Defense 2/12
Attack 3/12
Accuracy 3/8
Movement 5/20
Variation 6/14
Fielding 5/10
Keeping 0/3
Captaincy 7
Experience 0

Chamika the bowling coach is eager to get started working on him.

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Re: T20 and first ever YP

Postby liquefry » Wed May 13, 2020 10:36 pm

Love this Bump, will be a good resource for newer players too.
Fictionally Inclined (Oceania) and affiliate Absolute Madness (America). Zimbabwe youth and currently Nat manager.

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Undefeated so far

Postby bumpuss » Sat May 16, 2020 1:11 am

liquefry wrote:Love this Bump, will be a good resource for newer players too.

Thanks. That was the plan hopefully helps new players.

Undefeated so far

Currently undefeated after our 1st week (including friendlies but ignore the Golden Duckers match :lol:). At the end of the week currently 1st in T20 and Dev and 2nd in OD leagues! A great week so far :clap: Also forunate enough to play a BOT team in the Cup tomorrow. This is a great opportunity for some extra gate income, experience and training.

Now is the time to set a strategy for the season.
OD League: Only has one other human team currently and it happens to Dev-Rob who manages Blandford Badgers. This is our main threat to promotion. Their club is currently stronger than ours (almost 33k match rating). We play them in 2 weeks and a win would increase the chances of promotion significantly.

T20 League: Only one other human team in this league too, Tobe Determined CC. Ratings at this point very similar. The match against them is about 5 weeks away, so plenty of time to prepare.

Dev League: Finally in the development league, the main threat is Timezone Rejects and we play them in about 4 weeks.

The temptation is to buy some players of the market to try win these matches, however our finances won't sustain their high wages. Some smart purchases though will boost our chances of winning these crucial matches whilst not hurting the budget. At the same time, our young players will improve as well.

Next few weeks will be exciting.

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First Loss

Postby bumpuss » Mon May 18, 2020 10:27 am

First Loss

First loss today, bound to happen. Didn’t score enough runs :( The team is only slightly better than the bots, so an loss here and there is to be expected. However, going forward the team should improve rapidly.

Won our Cup match! Fingers crossed, hoping for another bot next round!

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vs Blandford Badgers

Postby bumpuss » Wed May 27, 2020 9:42 am

vs Blandford Badgers

On Friday, we have an important match against Blandford Badgers. They are favourites, but you never know!

Currently sitting 2nd in the T20 division after a easy win against a bot team. Damith doing the damage with ball with 4/10, reducing the bot team to just 69 of their 20 overs. Ravindu and skipper Gayan chased down the total easily in 11.4 overs. Match ratings show significant improvement in all areas!

Blushing Bucks Breaking Winds
Top Order: 21,774 23,736
Middle Order: 19,113 30,767
Tail Batting: 18,963 19,000
Powerplay Bowling: 20,309 34,951
Mid-Innings Bowling: 21,104 27,869
Death Bowling: 19,306 34,690
Fielding: 27,828 27,563
Overall: 21,200 28,368

Transfer market news:

Please welcome James Ackerly, Jan Witbooi and Cathal Stevens who have recently joined the club. All three are young and are eager to develop and help build a winning club. All three were purchased for a total of $5,000.

The next two matches are important, SOD match against Blandford Badgers and then a cup match against a Bot.

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End of Season review

Postby bumpuss » Sat Aug 22, 2020 12:22 am

1st ever season for Breaking Winds was a success! Promoted in all formats of competition. The affiliate is settled and is looking to develop and compete at the higher levels.

There were more changes to the squad and there will be more in the future as well look into strengthen the team. Only a loss of 21k was incurred in the transfer market this season.

Weerratne and Sanjukta continue to develop and were the leading the wicket takers this season. For batting no one really stood out and its an area that needs to be improved next season.

During the off-season, the ground was expanded to accommodate the increasing the number of fans turning up!

Upcoming season is very important as the season there are significant changes to the league structure and the club could be playing in the West Indies!

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Re: vs Blandford Badgers

Postby Molle » Sat Aug 22, 2020 5:47 am

I hope you have a really crappy cup run this season :D

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Re: vs Blandford Badgers

Postby bumpuss » Thu Aug 27, 2020 8:07 am

Molle wrote:I hope you have a really crappy cup run this season :D

I am expecting a close match. Good luck to me :thumbup:

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Re: Almost the End of Season

Postby bumpuss » Thu Nov 12, 2020 8:17 pm

Its almost the end of another season with just another 2 weeks to go!

A big game today against Slice of Pie which we are most likely to lose due to a lack of batting depth will probably see us drop down to 2nd in the SOD.

Sitting first in T20 and should win the title. And coming 2nd in the Dev, fair bit behind the Blandford Badgers.

Expecting a lot big changes next season. Rumours are the maximum transfer will double or possibly triple from the current $5k limit. With manager approval this will no doubt help strengthen the squad next season.

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